Is your home ready for a summer sale?

June 20, 2012

Balanced residential market conditions usher in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley summer season

Selling your home in the summer brings its own set of challenges and rewards. Sure, you may have vacations to take or kids to look after now that school is out, but summer also means that prospective buyers have time for a thorough property search. It’s also the time of year where your home will look its best.

Like every season, summer requires a seasonally-specific selling strategy. In addition to developing a marketing plan with your REALTOR® here are five easy things you can do to help convert an interested buyer into an actual summer sale:

Create Curb Appeal
Imagine looking at your home from the street for the first time. Do you notice any simple, cosmetic changes that you could make to your property that will help a buyer fall in love at first sight? Make sure to mow your lawn every week - grass grows quickly in the summer. Plant flowers and trim the bushes. Sweep your entrance clean and make sure it’s welcoming to visitors.

Be Flexible
Normal work routines often get disrupted during the summer months, so this is where it pays off to be a patient seller. Daylight Savings Time means interested buyers may want to see your property weekday evenings, so be flexible and keep on top of your household cleaning and yard work in case unexpected visitors want to drop by.

Beat the Heat
Few things can kill a good mood as quickly as a hot, stuffy room. If you’re showing your property on a hot day, make sure to turn on the air conditioner or invest in stationary fans to help create a breeze. The costs involved will pay off in the long run. f your home is cool and inviting, interested buyers will stay longer.

Accessorize for SummerIf you have an outdoor patio or backyard, transform it into a second living space with beautiful patio furniture and try adding decorative pillows and throw rugs to make it more welcoming. Metals like bronze, pewter, silver, and gold are traditionally summer colours, so add accents where suitable. Create the illusion that your buyers can own this lifestyle too.

Offer Cold Drinks and Summer SnacksFill an attractive bowl or your kitchen sink with ice and stock with water bottles before a showing. A fruit platter or a plate of cookies will also give buyers an excuse to recharge and linger.

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