Our Mission:

"The mission of Eco Realty Inc. is to enable clients to quickly and easily explore real estate opportunities, to provide professional advice and to successfully negotiate real estate transactions for our clients."

The Economics, Ecology, and Ecosystem of Real Estate

At Eco Realty, we understand the Economics, Ecology, and Ecosystem of Real Estate. We understand how Real Estate works and, as buyers ourselves, we know that consumers shop for Properties, not Real Estate Agents. In response, we have endeavored to create the best research tools for prospective buyers today. Our comprehensive Eco Realty search engine is extremely powerful, yet incredibly user-friendly. By typing in search terms such as "North Vancouver", "Patio", or "Mountain Views", you can expect the same type of functionality as other renowned search engines such as Google or Yahoo, except catered specifically to active Real Estate listings. We hope to give you the information you need to take that informed next step when buying or selling a home.

Why Choose Eco Realty?

Aside from being the premier search engine on current listings, our agents are highly qualified and experienced professionals in the Real Estate industry with exemplary communication skills and customer orientated service. Having one of our experts at your side when viewing properties, or evaluating options, is a key component in ensuring you are well informed for one of the largest purchases you can make in your lifetime.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Buyer's Agency

As a buyer's agency, Eco Realty specializes in helping prospective buyers find properties that suit their needs, fulfill their goals, or are the home of their dreams. Our agents know what to look for in a home, and what to look out for. Our agents will guide and inform you every step of the purchasing process to ensure you are being treated fairly and are aware of your options.

Amazing Client Centered Service

Our agents are fantastic listeners, and will sit down with you to evaluate what you are looking for in a home or investment instead of chauffeuring you to many different properties to no results. By listening to your needs and wants ahead of time, our agents offer a high standard of customer tailored service, that ensures you are viewing houses that suit you and your requirements.

Industry Leading Search Tools

Our entire business philosophy revolves around giving the customer information to inform and educate in exchange for your business. We want you to be informed before taking the leap on one of the largest investments in your life. Our company has been featured in Business in Vancouver precisely for our powerful real estate search engine and revolutionary new business model.

Prequalified Referrals

Eco Realty is currently specializing in the Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley area, but for areas outside of our specialty, we refer you to our personally interviewed and selected industry leading professionals in their area and ensure you are treated just as well as through one of our agents.

Preferred Mortgage Rates

As a customer with Eco Realty, you have access to preferred mortgage rates, superior to rates you can attain on your own and without representation, allowing you to save thousands of dollars over your amortization period.