The 2% Realty Revolution

January 27, 2014

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Video PR image of  video discussing ECO Joining 2% Realty

ECO Realty, well known for its MLS Real Estate Listings Search portal announced that it has joined 2% Realty to provide Sellers with a more competitive Listing service.

Citing market dynamics, changes in buyer-seller demands and technology advances ECO Partners Brent Francis and Grant Wilson say the market is pushing for changes in the way the real estate sales are managed and 2% has the right formula of service and fair compensation.

Eco 2 Percent Realty provides the public with a quick and easy way to find what they are looking for ( and a local professional Realtor trained to represent their best interests throughout the whole transaction which results in better than average incomes for our Realtors, and happy clients who save their money.

Learn more about this announcement 'The 2% Realty Evolution'

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